Is your first Date with Him? Let’s give a Good First Impression!

Although what matters in a person is what has inside, means our feelings, the outer is important too because men are more visual than women, we should know that what they will see on us in the first date is our dress and we must leave a good impression because perhaps that first date will be the door for a second chance. Our dress should have a blend of elegance, charm and most importantly, it should be simple, fresh and natural, remember that he will judge by what his eyes sees. Let’s make him remember us in all sense.

dress with a square designIf you like the necklines fashion, a dress with a square design can be a good option. This kind of neckline has a liner side edges forming two 90 degrees rounded corners. If the corners are perfectly rights it’s called ‘Court’. Another good option is the halter with a neckline formed by the dress straps that get linked behind the neck. Take these tips according to the necklines: Wide necklines can emphasize your shoulders and make your upper body appear wider and shorter; a Tapered neckline makes your torso appear slimmer and longer and a High neckline may make substantial cleavage appear to large; low necklines may emphasize a lack of cleavage.

High NecklineFor the skirt you can test if a hem line is appropriate, stand with your hands at your sides. The hem should not be higher than your finger-tips or in other words, the skirt or dress should not be shorter than 1 inch above the knee. According with the design, a good option can be A-Line. It is slightly touching hips and thighs broader at the hem; narrow at the top and a bit wider at the bottom makes it look like the letter A. The Godet design is a good one for any kind of body. A triangular piece set into a skirt Gore seams to give added fullness to a flared hem edge.

If you are planning to wear one piece dress, the dress with “Princess seams” is an excellent design because that typically runs from under the arms curving gently over the bust point and down to the lower hem, marking your waist look small but if you prefer wear two pieces, means skirt and top separately, then you will need to combine the colors. If your outfit is dark then your shoes should be dark too and your coat and bag should be light. Another option can be your outfit light but your bag and shoes dark. A pair of shoes with medium heels can be comfortable and appropriate but flat shoes can be a good choice too depending on their design and color of your clothe. For a handbag can be the saddlebag because are from small to medium size with a rounded bottom with a flap front closure and you can adjust the strap length. The makeup should be as natural as possible.

Remember that the first impression you give on a first date is very important if you really want to conquer him.

Roxana Acosta Sosa

I am an Argentinian living in India. Dreamer, traveler, lover of nature and cultural diversity.

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