The Latest Trend in Haircut Styles for Women

Depending on the shape of our face, there are haircuts that will make us look better than others but don’t feel bad, all of us can have a makeover time to time to feel renewed, for a special moment or just because we feel bore looking in the same style.

Haircuts for Round Face:

An asymmetrical and irregular style with hair of different lengths mix, sits very well in a round face. A deep side parte and swept bangs to the side is perfect to create the feeling of thinner and elongated face. With the Wazor Hair Curler you can give volume and movement to those different length mix hair.

The Bob hair style for round faces is another good option. This is a short cut above shoulders with some movement that should always have it loose. If you want to create some volume then a good advice for this type of haircut would be Kenra Volume Spray.

Haircuts for Oval Face:

If you want to give your face an elongated appearance, the best option is to use a bang to eyes level style. The bangs short length to the face, making it look wider and lees long. To maintain a neat and cute bang, can use Conair 12 Row Full Round because it has a good size for manipulate it on your face and roll the hair.

The oval face girls who have long hair, exceeding their shoulders, the middle line style on their head will look good with waves and volumes on their hair ends and for have this style, the Molain Hair curlers will help you to create those waves and curls on your long hair. The good option in this product is that you can choose the curly style that you like.

Haircuts for Square Face:

Again, the Bob hair style is a good option but for square faces, it will be in short layers version, with volume, ‘shake it’ and up to the chin. This style favours your cheeks and jaw, giving you a sweet look.

The short layered style works well on hair to shoulder length or shorter, softens the rigid features on square faces, especially if you comb it in several layers, with movement and some volume. You can have this style with or without bangs. For this option, you can care your hair with Pantene Pro-V curl spray for create volume for long time.

Haircuts for ‘Heart’ Face:

If you have a triangular or heart face, you can choose a deep side part style till the shoulders, with or without bangs to cover the width of the face. These kinds of faces are characterized by wide cheekbones and a pointed chin. This style is natural and also you can use it with a swept bang to a side. Don’t forget to use an iron hair for have a smart look and for this, the best option is a Flat Iron Titanium Hair Straightener because will eliminate the frizz.

The Pixie style with straight bang to the side is another good choice for a triangular face because softens facial features with these characteristics. This shortcut is feminine and sweet, which you can use the Herstyler Hair Serum for eliminates the frizz, control the smoothing and styling your new image.

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