Modern Kids

They still need their fingers for count their own age but can show a particular dressing style that many of us would like to have. Blue pants ankle bent, white shirt open at the neck and sleeves rolled till the elbows, belt, loafers and sunglasses sound like a dreamed styling of an attractive man, but… and in a child? It seems that the result of this look, for many people is just adorable. There are parents who have taught their children the art of dressing well, using designer clothes with a modern style. These little fashions who wear perhaps, better than you and me, take into account details in terms of shapes, colours and new trends, to profit from their appearance.
Girl Fashion
Many parents dress their children as miniature adults because they look beautiful, sweet, cute, smart, etc. in that way and maybe because they can wear different kind of clothes that we, as adult cannot, so in the market of clothes, you will find a lot of designs that look like for an adult but actually are for kids.

Kids in Hollywood Dress
Kids copy everything around them, especially from their parents. Among all those things that they can copy include the Fashion. If mother has the habit of using different outfits for different occasions, perfumes of different international brands, beautiful shoes and cute makeup then the girl will grown up watching her combines the clothes with handbags and shoes. It is also true that fashion is changing as time passes, the taste for fashion and new designs in children is evolving and will depend on parents whether they will allow their kids to adapt to this new trend or not.
Many famous actors show their children dressing in this way that’s why from an early age are modelling for children brands and we can see them on magazine covers with nails painted and also, wearing some medium heel shoes.
Another trend that continues to grow is choosing the same dress for twins. Many parents do not agree with this because they know that can look similar but every kid has their own personality which is shown through clothing. Other parents think that meanwhile they are kids, they will choose their dresses.
Modern Kids
Adults should promote the children’s healthy development stages of construction of identity, respecting the uniqueness, all that in each one, their tastes and preferences. Sometimes we want to make them wear something without think about what THEY like, maybe the outfits that we have chosen, they might feel uncomfortable and we should accept when they don’t like it because, for example, they need clothes which are comfortable for play, run and jump. We cannot expect that a 5 years old boy don’t get dirty playing in a park because is wearing the latest fashion in jersey or don’t let a girl play on the ground because mama dressed her up with a short skirt. Let us them be kids.

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