Things that You should do at your 20s to be Fabulous at your 40s

When we are young we want live the life fulfill with parties every weekend, be awake till late at night, eat all what we want and just spend time with our friends because at age of 20 many girls and guys just think in the present and are not interested in think in what will happen 20 years later, they enjoy the moment but the truth is that all what we do today, it will be reflected in the future, that’s why we should take some precautions for have an excellent health, should learn how to control the excesses and live the life without lose time. Below, you will find some tips:

  1. Try to make a place during your week for do some exercise: now is the time for go to the gym or if for you it is a little boring, you can chose go out and run early in the morning and breath pure air before to start your daily activities. A person don’t need do some sports just for lose weight, it is for maintain a healthy routine that will make you feel better with yourself. You can do it two or three times a week.
  2. Drink water: for many people is not easy drink 2 litters of water per day, is for this reason that we should pay attention in the amount of water that we drink daily. For have a control, you can take a bottle with you all the time (is not necessary it be big) so you will know the amount of water that you drink. Start as early as possible with this habit and you will notice it effects on your skin and organism.
  3. Stay in touch with your friends: ground up means more responsibilities and maybe, less time for yourself but that is not good too. You need have some distraction with your friends time to time for talk about things that don’t be about work all the time. Go out for lunch or for a cup of tea in some Saturday evening for spend a nice time with them and don’t lose their contact. Remember that our friends are part of our family. Retains friendship.
  4. Don’t get obsessed with dating: he or she will comes to your life when you less expect it and in the correct moment so don’t feel bad if your friends started to date someone, you will too with the time, meanwhile stay concentrated in your career.
  5. Use sunscreen: Although we do not realize, the effects of sun on our skin are for life. For that reason, we must start using sunscreen as soon as possible for don’t have spots on our skin at 40s. Also, we should follow a beauty daily routine such as remove your makeup every night, before go to sleep, with a moisturizing cream and tonic. Every morning, apply sunscreen and your skin will thank you twenty years from now.

Roxana Acosta Sosa

I am an Argentinian living in India. Dreamer, traveler, lover of nature and cultural diversity.

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